Welcome to the Dark Unknown Demo v 1.02. To create this demo from the main game I simply put a wall of force fields around the starting areas- you will have some NPCs ask you to visit locations outside the wall, but those quests are outside the scope of the demo. You will basically have run through all of the demo content when you have been rewarded for clearing the cave.

How to Play

Before you begin, you should read the Player Reference Guide.

The keyboard commands are explained in detail there, but to refresh once you've read it, here is a handy Reference Card.

NOTE- the game does not use the mouse at all- even on the title screen all UI interaction is performed with the keyboard! To choose options on the title screen, use the up and down arrows and the Enter key.

There are two ways to access the Dark Unknown demo- locally or remotely. Locally is recommended, but involves downloading the game to your computer. Remotely allows you to play it from this server, but there will be noticeable load times for some music and graphics.



NOTE: At the moment, only Firefox and Chrome are supported. Edge does not support the uses I put localStorage to, and Safari and Opera are untested. Additionally, the Noscript addon seems to cause huge problems- without it, the game is pretty snappy, but with it it takes several seconds between each command. It needs to be disabled entirely, not just told to permit scripts on that one page.


There are no known bugs in the demo at this point, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. If you find something that you think is a bug, please send an email to with BUG in the subject line. If we are so lucky that your bug is reproducible, I'd love it if you would send me a saved game- use ctrl-Q to export your save file, and copy/paste it into the email. Please let me know what OS and browser you are on, as well as what you were doing.


When you are done, there are two things I would very much appreciate you doing for me!

  1. Before you close the browser tab you were playing in, hit Ctrl-S. This will pop open another tab and put in it a log of all of the dialog from your run through. This will allow me to scan for keywords that people tend to expect responses to but don't give them.
  2. Please fill out this survey! Feel free to include keywords you think should be put into dialog responses and any other examples of expectations that were not fulfilled.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your stay in The Dark Unknown!